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5 Things To Remember When Booking A Hotel Stay

02 Jun 2020

If you’re thinking of your next holiday, business trip of staycation there are a few points to remember when considering your choice of hotel in the Middle East.

When you start to compare hotels and apartments online, not only do you need to think of location, facilities and budget but how do you get the best rate? What if I need to cancel? How often is my room cleaned? But don’t worry – we’ve put together the most important things to remember when booking a hotel stay.

1.    Book Direct

You’ve scoured the internet, compared destinations, hotels, room types and rates – but now you have to stop clicking around and make that booking. Whilst comparison sites and travel agencies are great for research, booking your hotel direct offers more benefits and cuts out the middle man.

Making your booking direct with Premier Inn, you can take advantage of our Member Rates, saving 10% on your stay, and have access to more great deals and offers on services and dining when you’re here!

And if you do need to make changes or cancel, you’re communicating direct with your provider.

2.    Check Cancellation Policies

Even the most thought out plans can change. It’s important to check cancellation policies before booking a hotel stay. Policies can differ between hotel brands, the rate you book or if you book with a travel agency. It’s no fun reading through all the small print, but a hotel cancellation policy should be made clear when selecting your rate.

Look out for flexible rates, and the option to change or cancel a reservation. At Premier Inn, our Flex Rate allows you to cancel up until 1.00pm on the day of arrival – giving you peace of mind should something crop up at the last minute.

3.    Stay Healthy

Fluffy pillows, crisp white bedding in a bright and airy room – the stuff hotel dreams are made of! But on a more serious note, take note of the hotel hygiene policies. In the current climate, many hotels have now implemented new measures to keep their guests and staff safe and healthy. Check for social distancing rules, temperature checks on arrival and if all facilities, such as restaurants, gyms and swimming pools, will be available during your stay.

Follow the advice given at your destination, this will help to keep you safe and healthy, but also take care of hotel staff too.

4.    Length of stays

The longer you stay, the better the better the deal. If you’re looking for a home away from home, and need a place to stay longer than your average holiday check for deals and packages for long stays.

Many hotels offer monthly stay packages, with a competitive rate when you stay for 30 nights or more. You won’t be tied into a contract and no surprise bills at the end of the month! You can also get discounts on useful services like laundry and dining, and at Premier Inn there’s free WiFi throughout the hotel – so you don’t miss out on your Netflix favourites.

5.    Last minute deals

If you’re uncertain when you’ll be able to travel or need a place to stay with little notice, take advantage of last minute deals. You’ll find the best rates when you book online, rather than turning up at the hotel reception unannounced.

In peak travel seasons, you may run the risk of not being able to stay at your preferred location – but you could bag a great deal on lesser known hotels.

Whilst some people will be thinking twice about travelling over the next few months, if you take time to consider your options you can save yourself money and ensure a safe and healthy trip for all.