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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When you decide to make reservations online, you will be required to complete a reservation profile the first time you make a reservation. When you create a reservation profile you will be asked to provide specific Personal Information, including your name, address and contact information, as well as certain guarantee and deposit information to secure your reservation, such as your credit card number. Your transmittal of your Personal Information shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this policy.

Your credit card number will be verified but we do not authorize any payments at this point. Once you indicate confirmation of your reservation, the reservation information that you submitted will be sent to Premier Inn. From this point the information is sent to the selected property in the exact way as if you called us directly or if your company or travel agent made the reservation.

Due to the personal nature of the information you provide when making a reservation through our web site or mobile App, Premier Inn employs encryption technology to keep your data secure.

Premier Inn accepts payment by cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

We do not accept cheques. Bookings made through the website are not guaranteed unless the credit card details are correct, genuine and active.

Premier Inn Non-Flex bookings – all bookings made against the Premier Inn Non-Flex rate will be charged as soon as the booking is made through the Premier Inn website or any time thereafter at the sole option of Premier Inn. By accepting the terms and conditions of the booking you are accepting these payment terms and conditions in full. No extra charge will be taken for making a payment from a credit card, however Premier Inn reserves the right to change this policy as and when required, dependent on updates, changes to the business systems and/or functionality. If the non-refundable payment for a Premier Inn Non-Flex booking could not be processed and collected by Premier Inn for any reason (including due to incorrect or fraudulent credit details or lack of available balance or approval from credit card service providers), Premier Inn has no obligation to hold or guarantee your booking and in such cases bookings previously confirmed will automatically be cancelled.

Please be aware that United Arab Emirates are introducing VAT (Value added tax) on the 1st January 2018. Please note all stays that fall on/or post 1st January 2018 will incur 5% VAT. If you have any queries, please contact us at

Standard check-in time is 14:00
Standard check-out time is 12:00


Early Check-In Policy (Subject to hotel availability)
Before 08:00 - 1 FULL NIGHT RATE
08:00 - 11:00 - 100 AED
11:00 - 13:00 - 25 AED
13:00 - 14:00 - FREE OF CHARGE

Please let the hotel know if you are likely to arrive earlier than 14:00 or after 23:00.


Late Check-Out Policy (Subject to hotel availability) 

12:00 - 14:00 - Free of Charge
14:00 - 18:00 - 150 AED
After 18:00 - 1 FULL DAY RATE


Your room is reserved up to 1:00 PM on the day of arrival. We would appreciate if you may guarantee your reservation at the time of the booking; all non-guaranteed rooms will be released in case guarantee is not provided.

You can guarantee your room by giving your credit card details at the time of booking or by paying for your room in cash at the reception at least before the time and day of the cancellation policy as stated in your confirmation.

  1. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking rooms and designated smoking areas (including E cigarettes). Guests that smoke in a non-smoking room will be charged a minimum of 500 AED cleaning fee. Shisha is not permitted anywhere in Premier Inn Hotels.
  2. You and your guest are not permitted to bring dangerous or hazardous materials into the hotel.
  3. You and your guests may not use any electrical appliances or other equipment that may set off our Fire Alarms, such as toasters, mini cookers, bakhoor burners, candles etc. although this is not an exhaustive list.
  4. Utilise Premier Inn rooms to store materials, which in the sole opinion of Premier Inn could damage the room or be a risk to health.
  5. Prevent Premier Inn staff or management to access the room and provide access at least once every two days.
  6. You may not use any technology provided by Premier Inn to download or access unlawful or obscene material.
  7. You may not use any technology or equipment that will cause disturbance to other guests.
  8.  As required by law all residents and guests MUST be registered at reception before visiting any bedrooms.
  9. Only resident registered guests may stay overnight in bedrooms. If you or your group cause damage or loss of any kind to the hotel, other guests or their property, you (as the person making the booking) will be responsible for that damage and you shall be liable to pay Premier Inn the amount required   to make good or remedy such damage, replacement or loss of revenue.  All charges for damage will be directly applied to the Credit or Debit Card used for payment and a legal invoice issued to the registered email address. Please note that by making a reservation and in signing to register upon check-in you are accepting all the Terms and Conditions detailed above.

At Premier Inn, we're so confident you'll have a great night's sleep that if you don't, we'll give you your money back. If there’s a problem, just have a chat with a member of our friendly reception team. They’ll be happy to put things right. This is our Good Night Guarantee.  

What do I do if I'm unhappy during my stay?
The first thing to do is speak to one of our team, who’ll be happy to put things right for you. Our friendly reception teams are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a time limit on when I can have my money back under the Good Night Guarantee?
Most guests let us know if there’s been a problem while they’re still staying with us. However – if you don’t get the chance to do that, you have up to seven days from check-out to claim on our Good Night Guarantee.

You may claim a refund of your room charge for each night that you do not have a great night's sleep at a Premier Inn subject to the following:
Process for making a claim
Claims must be made within 7 days of the end of the stay to which your claim relates.
To make a claim you should raise your complaint with the team at the hotel who will advise you of the process. If you did not raise your complaint at the hotel or were unable to do so, you must contact us through our web form. If your room was booked as part of a group booking, the person who made the booking on behalf of the group must make the claim. If you room was booked through a tour operator, you must make your claim to the tour operator.
You will need to provide details of the Premier Inn hotel in which you stayed, the dates of your stay, the nights for which you wish to claim a refund and the reason(s) why you did not have a great night's sleep on each of those nights.
Refunds will be made to the card you used when you paid for your room and are usually processed within 7 days. You will be asked to confirm receipt of your refund.

Our Good Night Guarantee does not apply where you do not have a great night's sleep due to circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control as hoteliers such as extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, explosion, terrorism, war, civil disorder, epidemics, embargoes, labour disputes and power cuts.
You may not claim under our Good Night Guarantee if you have breached the terms and conditions applying to your booking for example by causing damage to our property or to other guests property or by being abusive to our staff or to other guests during your stay.
We reserve the right to reject claims made by individuals who are abusing the Good Night Guarantee by making excessive claims. If an individual or any of the guests within their booking claims a refund for more than 50% of their stay on more than two occasions in any 12 month period, such claims will be deemed excessive save where we are satisfied that there is a good reason for the claims.

1. These terms and conditions (which we will refer to as our "General Terms") are the overarching general terms and conditions that apply to all the competitions and prize draws promoted by Premier Inn LLC  in the United Arab Emirates (which we will refer to Premier Inn LLC as "we" or "us"), whether on our websites, social media platforms or in our restaurants and/or hotels. We refer to all these competitions and prize draws as the "Promotions" in these General Terms.

2. In addition to these General Terms, Promotions will also have their own specific terms and conditions (such as the details of how to participate, any free entry route explanation, the start/closing dates, the nature and number of any prizes or gifts, the existence of any restrictions or limitations, such as age, date or geographical restrictions and any limitations of availability). Any such Promotion-specific terms and conditions will be made available as part of the promotion of the particular Promotion in publications and/or online. In these General Terms, we will refer to these Promotion-specific terms and conditions as the "Specific Terms".

3. You should therefore read these General Terms in combination with any applicable Specific Terms. Where any such Specific Terms conflict with these General Terms, the Specific Terms will take precedence.

4. Unless the Specific Terms tell you otherwise, the promoter of the Promotions will be Premier Inn. You can  email us at  if you have any concern in relation to any of our Promotions, setting out clearly (i) the name of the Promotion, (ii) the name of our restaurant, hotel or website running the Promotion and (iii) your issue.

5. We may change these General Terms at any time. You should check our website regularly for any changes, which will apply from the date that they are uploaded.

6. By entering any Promotion you agree that you will be legally bound by these General Terms and also any applicable Specific Terms.

Eligibility Rules

7. Unless we impose a particular age limit in relation to any of our Promotions. We reserve the right to require that the parent or guardian of any person aged 18 or less confirms in writing that they agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Promotion and will accept any prize on behalf of a prizewinner under the age of 18.

8. Certain Promotions may have additional eligibility requirements, for example valid passports, visas, driving licenses and/or good physical health. Any such additional eligibility requirements will be published in Specific Terms of the relevant Promotion.

9. It will be our sole decision as to whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met and we may require evidence or confirmation from entrants before awarding prizes. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry which does not comply with these General Terms.

10. Employees (and their immediate family and household members) of Premier Inn, or any company involved in the Promotion, or any such company's subsidiary or associated companies, agents or members of their families or households, or any prize provider, or (if relevant) any advertising agency connected with a Competitor may not enter that Promotion.

Entering a Promotion

11. To enter, please follow the entry process for the relevant Promotion, which will be explained in the Specific Terms.

12. Entry to a Promotion may only be made through the applicable method(s) indicated in the Specific Terms. Not all of the following methods of entry may be available for entry to each Promotion. The following terms and conditions will apply where the method is indicated as being available in the Specific Terms. There is no charge to enter a Promotion unless stated otherwise. However if entry is made via text message, MMS or telephone call, your network provider will usually charge you according to their standard rate or deduct it from your allowance. Where entrants pay an entry fee, they must have the permission of the bill payer before entering; otherwise the entry will be invalid.

(a) Emails: Where a Promotion asks you to enter by email, your email must be addressed to the correct email address and must include the correct subject title, keywords or other answer format as required by the relevant Specific Terms. Entries which fail to do so will be void. Email entries are deemed to be received on arrival, not when they are sent from your email account.

(b) SMS/MMS: Where a Promotion asks you to enter using SMS, you will need an SMS compatible mobile phone with an account with a service provider that permits text messages to our premium rate number. SMS entries are deemed to be received on arrival, not when they are sent from your handset. SMS entries must be addressed to the correct number or shortcode and must include the correct keywords or other answer format as required by the Specific Terms of the Promotion. Entries which fail to do so will be void.

(c) Premium rates: Promotion entry may be by premium rate landline or mobile texts or calls. Your network provider may also charge varying amounts for these types of call and so the cost of your call may be more than as stated by us. In all cases, you should check costs with your network provider and you should have the bill payer's permission to enter using a premium rate method. Where entry is by telephone, entries that are submitted before lines open or after lines close will not be entered in the Promotion but we cannot guarantee that entrants will not be charged for the call or text made. You should note that invalid or unsuccessful entries made via these methods may still be charged. We will always comply with the PhonePayPlus code of conduct in relation to premium rate promotions. PhonePayPlus is the UK regulator of premium rate services and you can access their details here.

13. In all Promotions, we reserve the right to reject any entries that are inaudible, incomplete, incomprehensible, damaged or otherwise deficient. We also reserve the right to reject entries that are unlawful, indecent, racist, inflammatory, defamatory or which we consider to be otherwise harmful to the goodwill and reputation of any of our publications, websites or brands. We accept no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries, including but not limited to texts, calls or emails not received due to technical disruptions, network congestion or any other reason. Proof of posting of any postal entry will not be proof of our receipt of that entry.

14. Entrants must enter Promotions using their legal name once only. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who uses multiple names and to require them to return any prize they may have won.

15. Unless otherwise permitted pursuant to any Specific Terms, no person may enter any Promotion more than once and persons may not enter or participate as part of a syndicate or on behalf of any other person, syndicate, group, society or company.

16. The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person to enter any Promotion repeatedly is prohibited.

17. Where an entrant or prizewinner has been found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions of a Promotion and in particular where a person is in breach of the entry restrictions set out in rules 15 and 16 above, we may nevertheless still enforce our right to disqualify that person and require the return or reimbursement to us of any prize even where a prize has been awarded and/or actually provided to the entrant or prizewinner in question.


18. The prize or prizes will be as described in the relevant Specific Terms. Images used may be for illustrative purposes only, and colours and other minor details may vary.

19. All prizes are subject to availability, non transferable and non exchangeable. Where prizes consist of entry tickets, attendance at events, holidays and similar time-specific benefits, they must be taken on the dates specified by us. If a prizewinner does not take any element of a prize at the time stipulated by us (or any relevant third party prize provider) then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the winner. No cash will be awarded in lieu of that prize or part of it.

20. We reserve in all cases the right to replace the stated prizes with prizes that we consider to be of broadly equivalent value. We offer no cash alternative for non-cash prizes and prizewinners must accept prizes in the form offered.

21. All prizewinners will be notified that they have won a prize within the time period set out in the relevant Specific Terms via at least one (1) of the following methods:

(a) by telephone; or

(b) in writing (including by email).

22. Where relevant, prizes will be dispatched to the winner via a courier/delivery service, unless otherwise stated. We will not be liable for any prizes which are lost, delayed or damaged in the post for reasons beyond our control.

23. Prizes will only be delivered to an address within the United Arab Emirates . Should a prizewinner's contact details change, it is their responsibility to notify us or the contact persons for the relevant Promotion.

24. We reserve the right to request proof of a prizewinner's identity in the form of a passport or driver's license and proof of address in the form of a utility bill. In the event that a prizewinner cannot provide us with proof of identity reasonably acceptable to us, we may withdraw the prize and select another prizewinner.

25. Any tax payable as a result of a prize being awarded or received will be the responsibility of the winner. Winners should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a prize if this is a concern.

26. We make no representation or warranty in relation to prizes provided and to the fullest extent permitted by law we shall have no liability to you in relation to any prize, its fitness for purpose, merchantability or otherwise. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants from entering our Promotions or prizewinners from receiving their prizes where any such person engages in unsafe, illegal, unsociable or inappropriate behaviour.

27. Where relevant, all stated prize values are at the supplier's recommended retail price in pounds sterling and are correct at the time of printing. We take no responsibility for any fluctuations in prize values. We award cash prizes in the form of a cheque in the name of the prizewinner. Any other arrangement will be at our discretion.

28. No additional, further or other costs or expenses are included in any prize unless stated. For example, the costs of transport to and from a venue or an event are not included, any accommodation prize includes basic room charge only and prizewinners shall be responsible for obtaining any insurance which may be required or prudent in relation to any prize awarded to them.

29. Obtaining time off work and/or study or related activities to participate in a Promotion and/or take a prize will be the sole and absolute responsibility of each contestant.

30. Third party suppliers of prizes may also often stipulate their own terms, conditions or restrictions and all prizewinners agree to be bound by these. Subject to paragraph 56, Whitbread shall have no liability in relation to any prize provided by a third party provider.

Additional Terms relating to Holiday Prizes

31. Where we offer a holiday prize, please refer to the terms relating to it set out in the Specific Terms.

Events Related Prizes

32. Where the prize for any of our Promotions involve the winner's attendance at (or tickets to) an event, please refer to the terms relating to it in the relevant Specific Terms. 

Unclaimed Prizes

33. All prizes must be claimed within the time period set out in the relevant Specific Terms unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to award prizes unclaimed after this period to alternative prizewinners or not to award them at all and we shall have no liability in respect of the entry initially selected. Any prize which is returned as undelivered will be used for another Promotion or sent to charity.

34. We reserve the right to award prizes unclaimed after this period to alternative prizewinners or not to award them at all.

35. If you call to claim a prize from a "withheld number" line you must provide us with your contact details, otherwise we may be unable to contact you and you may as a result forfeit your prize.

Prize Draws

36. Where any prize is awarded via a prize draw, prizewinners will be chosen at random from all qualifying entries within the time period set out in the relevant Specific Terms.

37. If we become aware that the same person has been selected as a prizewinner more than once, we will draw another name.

Our Use of your Personal Information and Publicity

38. The personal information supplied by entrants when entering our Promotions or otherwise requested by us, will be used by us in accordance with our privacy policy, or as modified for the Promotion. You should always read the privacy policy as your entry in the relevant Promotion is an agreement to be bound by the privacy policy. All entrants may have their details removed from our database if requested by contacting us. If details are removed prior to the conclusion of the Promotion and/or award of prize(s), entrants will however forfeit their right to claim any prizes.

39. Should an entrant be required to submit a third party's personal information as a part of entry into or participation in any Promotion, each entrant must ensure that any other person whose details have been provided by the entrant to us has given or will give their consent for their details to be provided to us and to be contacted by us in relation to the relevant Promotions.

40. Prizewinners may be required to take part in related publicity, including (without limitation), publication of the name and image of the prizewinner along with their winning entry via our website, social media or other press and media channels. No fees shall be payable to any entrant in relation to their entry in any Promotion or any publicity relating to the Promotion.

41. Prizewinners also acknowledge that publicity materials featuring them may be provided to our third party prize providers for the purposes of promoting their association with the Promotion and awarding the relevant prizes.

42. By entering the Promotion entrants warrant and undertake that the information submitted is true, accurate and complete.

Submission of Photographs and Videos

43. Should any Promotion require entrants to submit any photographs, sound or video clips as a part of entry into or participation and used in the Promotion (collectively referred to in these General Terms as "Media"):

(a) entrants warrant that they are the person in the Media and/or have prior approval from any person in the Media that it may be submitted as part of their entry;

(b) entrants agree that we have the right to publish and communicate to the public the Media in any media including, but not limited to, online, at all times without restriction or limitation throughout the world and not only for the purposes of the Promotion;

(c) entrants acknowledge that we may edit the Media in our sole discretion;

(d) entrants agree that we have the right to use entrants' names, likenesses and other personal information in conjunction with the Media;

(e) entrants agree not to bring against us any actions, suits, claims and demands in respect of defamation or any infringement or violation of any personal and/or property rights of any sort from our use of their Media;

(f) entrants unconditionally waive their right to seek or obtain an injunction to prevent or restrict our use of the Media; and

(g) entrants aged under 18 shall have obtained the consent of a parent or a guardian (and will provide us with the contact details we need should we wish to verify this).

Intellectual Property Rights

44. By entering our Promotions you:

(a) agree that the copyright and all other rights, title and interest in and in respect of your entry (including but not limited to any Media and any publicity materials) shall vest in and are hereby assigned to us (and this assignment shall operate to the extent necessary as a present assignment of future copyright and all other rights) and that we shall have the unrestricted right to deal with your entry or any part of it in any way that we think fit including but not limited to the right to edit, copy, add to, take from or adapt your entry;

(b) agree to waive any so-called "moral rights" in your entry and such rights under section 77 and section 80 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (the "CDPA") as you now have or hereafter acquire in relation to your entry and grant us all consents under Part II of the CDPA to enable us to make the fullest possible use of your entry;

(c) undertake to us that your entry is not in breach of any third party intellectual property rights and will not contain anything which is defamatory, indecent, harassing or threatening. If relevant, we reserve the right, but not the obligation (and without limiting your warranty as set out above), to screen, filter and/or monitor information provided by you and to edit, refuse to distribute or remove the same; and

(d) confirm that you have the right, power and authority to grant the rights set out above and that you have obtained all consents and permissions necessary to grant us the same.


45. If any prizewinner is a child or young person (i.e. under the age of 18) we may require that the terms and conditions applicable to the Promotion (including these General Terms) be signed by the prizewinner's parent or legal guardian before the prize is awarded. Any such prize may at our discretion be awarded to the prizewinner's parent or legal guardian.

46. Holiday prizes are not available to persons under the age of 18 without written consent from a parent or legal guardian and unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

47. Where entrants or prizewinners are required by us to sign a release or other ## before participating in a Promotion and/or redeeming a prize and the entrant and/or prizewinner is under the age of 18 years, such ## must be signed by that person's parent or legal guardian prior to their participation in the Promotion and/or the prize being awarded.

Termination and Other Matters

48. We may vary the terms of, or terminate, a Promotion at any time at its absolute discretion without liability to any contestant or other person. We will not award the prize if the Promotion is terminated.

49. If for any reason any Promotion is not capable of running as planned as a result of any (including but not limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond our control which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of a Promotion, we reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and/or any draw or judging related to the Promotion and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes (or has caused) the problem.

50. All our decisions relating to the Promotion and/or redemption of the prizes are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entered into.

51. Tiebreakers, disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns will be managed by us and, if required by law, by an independent adjudicator.

52. Where a Promotion involves voting, the accuracy of the pooled results received and published by us will be deemed to be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

53. A failure by us to enforce any one of the terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim or right of action by any entrant or prizewinner, nor shall it be deemed to be a waiver of any of our rights in relation to the same.


54. We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you under these General Terms where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

55. Except as specifically set out in these General Terms and to the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions, warranties and representations expressed or implied by law are hereby excluded.

56. To the fullest extent permitted by law and subject to paragraph 54, we are not liable to any entrant or prizewinner in connection with or arising out of any Promotion, including for any costs, expenses, forfeited prizes, damages and other liabilities. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph 56 shall also apply in respect of any prize provided by a third party provider and to any social networking site (where the Promotion is hosted by a social networking site).

57. Where a promotion is hosted by a social networking site, the Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with that social networking site.


58. In the event that any provision of these General (or any Specific) Terms are held to be illegal, invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, it shall be severed from the remaining provisions which shall continue in full force and effect.

Governing Laws

59. These General Terms (and any Specific Terms) shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the country where the competition is being executed.

Book online on and get the best rates available at any Premier Inn hotel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. We guarantee that will always offer the lowest rates available anywhere online for its hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha.

Should you find a lower rate on another website please submit a claim by emailing

Please include a screenshot of the lower rate found on another website. 

To qualify for our Best Rate Guarantee, the rate must be:

  • Lower than the reservation made at 
  • Not made on another Premier Inn booking channel; by phone, by email or in person at the hotel
  • The same room type
  • The same booking terms and conditions
  • Rate is publicly available with no limitations or restrictions
  • Submit your claim within 24 hours of completing a reservation at

Our payment, cancellation and refund policy is applicable to the rate plan you have booked to stay at Premier Inn.

Flex  Rate / Member Rate

A valid credit card is required to guarantee bookings. Reservations can be cancelled by 1.00pm on the day of arrival. In case of no show and/or in case the reservation is not cancelled by 1.00pm on the date of arrival, the card will be charged the first night rate for every room booked. A no show charge equivalent to the first night rate for every room booked will be levied for reservations made after 1.00pm with same date of arrival.

Early departures permitted with notice (to the reception team) at least by 1200 hours on the new date of departure, else the room charges for the new date of departure remains payable by the guest.  


A valid credit card is required to guarantee bookings. Reservations can be cancelled up to 3 days prior to the day of arrival. In case of no show and/or in case the reservation is not cancelled 3 days prior to the date of arrival, the card will be charged the first night rate for every room booked.

Early departures permitted with notice (to the reception team) at least by 1200 hours on the new date of departure, else the room charges for the new date of departure remains payable by the guest.

Non-Flex Rate / Saver Rate / Early Bird Rate / Extended Stay Rate

The hotel may require payment prior to arrival. This rate is non-refundable. No cancellation, no refunds and/or no amendments (including name change) allowed. No shows and early departure will be charged for the full value of the entire reservation.  

Long Stay Rate

The hotel may require payment prior to arrival. Reservations can be cancelled without charge up to 30 days prior to the date of  arrival. In case of  late cancellation or no shows, the guest will be charged for the first 30 days of the booking and no refund of this amount is permitted.

Early departures permitted subject to payment of room charges for at least 30 days.

Refund Procedure

If you are eligible for any refund, the refund amount shall be processed only to the original payment method. Example - a payment from a particular credit card shall be refunded to the same card only. Refunds to expired or cancelled cards are handled by the card issuer and, in most cases, credited to the your replacement card.


The hotel has the right to charge the card provided by the guest at the time of reservations for full value of non-refundable bookings or for the applicable no show charges. 

Room rates are per room, per night and are excluding Municipality/Government Fees, VAT and Service Charge.

In the United Arab Emirates, Municipality/Government fees and service charge will be added by the hotel and invoiced for billing, in line with payment terms of the booking.

In Abu Dhabi the following will apply:

10% Service Charge
4% Municipality Fee
6% Tourism Fee
5% VAT
15AED Municipality Room Charge per room, per night will be charged for the first 30 nights of consecutive stays at check-in

From 1 September 2023, the following will apply:

10% Service Charge
4% Tourism Fee
4% Municiplaity Fee
5% VAT

Municipality Room Charge per room/per night will no longer apply after 1 September 2023.


In Dubai the following will apply:

10% Service Charge
7% Municipality Fee
5% VAT

An additional 10AED Tourism Dirham Fee will be charged per room, per night for the first 30 nights of consecutive stays at check-in.

All guests are required to provide identification upon check-in. Proof of identification required as follows:

  • UAE Nationals and Residents should provide their Emirates ID or Passport
  • GCC Nationals and Residents should provide their National ID or Passport
  • Guests from outside of the GCC should provide their Passport.

Family rooms offer accommodation for a maximum of two adults and up to two children aged 15 and under (and an infant under 2 years in a cot). A family room will consist of a Queen size bed, a sofa bed and/or a pull out bed. Please contact the hotel directly if you require further information.

Interconnecting rooms are available in all Premier Inn Hotels subject to availability on the day of arrival. The request will automatically be on a high priority and we will do our utmost to provide it.

Premier Inn can provide baby cots at no extra charge.

Most Premier Inn hotels offer family rooms, these hotels are indicated throughout the directory and when making a booking through the website.

A twin room may vary from a hotel to another and will either consist of a queen size bed (in most hotels) and a sofa bed or 2 single beds. Please contact your hotel directly for more information.

Most of our hotels provide both smoking and non-smoking rooms, however some are fully non-smoking so please check with your hotel if you have any specific requirements. You can also request your preferred option at the time of booking and Premier Inn will ensure you get the same preference every time you stay with us.

All our Premier Inn hotels have rooms which are specially adapted for customers with disabilities. If no disabled rooms are available at the hotel of your choice, we will contact neighbouring Premier Inn hotels to help find suitable accommodation for you.

Although Premier Inn will make every possible effort to accommodate your personal requests, all rooms and special requests are subject to availability. We apologise in advance if your particular requests cannot be met.

Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant from 6:30pm till 10.30am. Local variances in timings may apply so please confirm with your hotel.

'Kids Eat Free' Breakfast Offer

  • One breakfast per child only to be taken in the restaurant. Up to a maximum of two children can eat free per adult purchasing a full breakfast.
  • The offer applies to Premier Inn hotel residents only.
  • The Premier Inn 'Kids Eat Free' breakfast offer applies to children aged 15 and under.
  • Children aged 16 and over purchasing a breakfast will be charged the adult price for breakfast.

We regret that, with the exception of guide dogs, no pets are allowed in Premier Inn hotels in the UAE and Qatar.

Cooking Appliances
Electrical appliances, such as toasters, mini cookers and portable grills, may not be used in the rooms as they are a fire risk to the hotel and other guests, and may set off the fire alarm system.

Licensed Bars and Restaurants
Fully licensed bars and restaurants serving alcoholic beverages are only available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi hotels. Alcohol can not be served to those under the age of 21 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi hotels.

Transferring and Reselling Reservations
Room reservations are non-transferable and must not, under any circumstances, be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party who is not a member of your group. You must not advertise, market or otherwise offer any Premier Inn room for sale either on its own or as part of a combined offer.

Premier Inn is a joint venture between The Emirates Group and Whitbread PLC, therefore is part of Whitbread Group PLC.​

Premier Inn is the exclusive hotel partner of The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. 

  1. Premier Inn guests can avail 50% discount on General Admission to The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. 
  2. Free entry for children below 3 years old
  3. No children under the age of 12 years old will be admitted to The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi and animal encounter activities unless they are accompanied by a paying adult aged 16 years or above.
  4. To avail the offer, your Booking Confirmation must be presented at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi ticketing counter, in digital or printed format.
  5. Tickets must be purchased on the day, for the day, in person at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi.
  6. Offer cannot be used to purchase tickets in advance or online.  
  7. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Guests who book direct can get 20% off their food and beverages when dining at our restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; Nuevo; Mr Toad's Pub & Kitchen, Lounge One. 
The following terms apply:

  • The discount can only be used for purchasing food and beverage products at Mr. Toad’s Pub & Kitchen/Nuevo/Lounge One within Premier Inn
  • Discount is only applied to full price menu items
  • Discount does not apply to any other offers or promotions, special menus, or buffet
  • Mr. Toad’s Pub & Kitchen & Nuevo reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes
  • Discount is not available at restaurant outlets in Premier Inn Dubai Barsha Heights, Premier Inn Doha Education City and Premier Inn Doha Airport
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