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Hotel or apartment? The Benefits of Living in a Hotel

04 May 2020

Can you live in a hotel? While some may be horrified at the thought, living in a hotel in Dubai or Abu Dhabi has its benefits.

If your future is looking uncertain, and you can’t commit to a 12-month apartment lease, short term stays at hotels can be a great temporary alternative. Or if you’re new to the city, and want to get to know the area staying in a hotel can help you get to know the people and local hotspots. So why is it better to stay in a hotel rather than an apartment?

No bills, no hassle!

Ok, so there is a monthly rate to pay at hotels, but there’s no surprise electricity or water charges come month end. Hotel stays include all amenities charges, a selection of international TV channels to pick from and at Premier Inn, there’s free WiFi too!

If you’re staying at a high-end luxury resort then expect a greater monthly rate. If you just need a place to rest your head while you find your feet, and have a smaller budget to work with there are great deals to be had on monthly hotel stays in the UAE.

Location, location, location

When you’re considering moving into a hotel for a month, or longer, choosing the right location for your lifestyle is key. Similar to selecting a neighbourhood when you look to rent an apartment, think about travel distance to work, what restaurants and bars are nearby, is it easy to get to the beach at weekends?

With a hotel location, think about your monthly budget too. Being in a hotel close to nightlife, beaches and entertainment could push the monthly rate up. Hotels further away from the city centre can be less expensive, but still offer the same facilities for guests. Premier Inn Dubai Investments Park is the perfect location if you’re working near the Marina or Jebel Ali, and offers a great monthly stay package.

Hotel services

Staying at a hotel for a weekend getaway, you just need a swimming pool or beach and maybe a nice place to eat. But when you’re staying a little longer, you need to think how to live.

A spacious room with a comfy bed is key for a good night’s sleep night after night. At Premier Inn our Hypnos beds, plump pillows and toasty duvets are just what you need to snuggle down each night.

A hotel room with a kitchenette or at least a mini-fridge and kettle can help take care of simple meals. But if cooking’s not your thing, 24-hour room service and a hotel restaurant will keep you fed and watered, or consider a package that includes breakfast – that’s one meal a day sorted! And when you book your long stay direct with the hotel, you can get some great deals on in-house services, with discounts on dining and laundry at Premier Inn hotels in the UAE.

Added extras

You’re not just paying for your room, you get all the hotel extras included. Think of daily housekeeping, freshly made beds and someone to take the rubbish out!

There’s no need to keep your monthly gym sub##ion, with most hotels offering a fitness centre and swimming pool for guests to use. An on-site spa facility would be a bonus, or even having your favourite coffee shop just a few floors below, without the need to leave the building!

If you drive, check out the parking facilities available, or if your hotel offers a free shuttle service it could save you money on daily taxi fares around the city. At Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall you can stay connected to the city, with the Dubai Metro station opposite the hotel.

If you’ve found yourself needing a place to stay in the UAE, then Premier Inn has 8 hotel locations to choose from with monthly stays from AED 2,640 per month with discounts on dining and laundry included.