Events in Abu Dhabi 2017

01 Oct 2017

Events in Abu Dhabi 2017

Events in Abu Dhabi 2017

October to December are packed with great events in Abu Dhabi, from diverse exhibitions to musical performances that offer something for everyone. 


The Yasalam event returns to complement the F1 Season in Abu Dhabi. From 23rd November – 26th November, Waves of Music will follow up each of the race days with a series of musical performances including Calvin Harris an P!nk at the Du Arena.

Emerging Talent Competition - will take place in its 3rd year to search for new and talented artists from across the UAE and GCC on 16th November.  

Waves of Energy – A fitness drive brought to you by Daman ActiveLife will provide an engaging environment for visitors to get into shape with a selection of workouts including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, and Driver’s Boot Camp, all of which will provide a source of motivation to become healthier. Waves of Energy will run from 17th September – 10th November. 

Abu Dhabi Classics

For classical music lovers, kick off the new season of the Abu Dhabi Classics on 13th October when the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra which was established in 1806, will perform classic orchestral pieces from Rossini, Rachmaninoff and Brahms Abu Dhabi featuring American piano maestro Nicholas Angelich. 

A Night of Symphony

Another Night of Classical Music awaits you with Toscano Classica guest conductor Maestro Giuseppe Lanzetta and international violinist Daria Nechaevan will perform several inspiring pieces from Mendelssohn, Brahms and Tchaikovsky at the Emirates Palace on 17th November in this on night musical extravaganza. 

The Smurfs Live on Stage

The Smurfs Live on Stage – Save Spring will perform in Abu Dhabi from 30th November – 1st December for the first time as part of the 46th National Day celebrations. Eight of your favourite Smurf characters will be available on stage including Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette. The Smurfs are preparing to celebrate their annual Spring Parade, meanwhile the evil wizard Gargamel has other plans. 

This performance is suitable for the whole family from Grandparents to little ones. 

Sporting Clay Challenge

Get ready for a day full of fun precision shooting. Al-Forsan International Sports Resort is hosting a one-month long Clay Pidgeon Shooting Challenge in December 2017. A variety of Clays types are fired to give the shooter an ever-changing challenge. Three different calibres are available for shooters of different skill levels to participate and men & women compete together with prizes being kept separate.