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Premier Inn Location Series | Doha Airport

24 Feb 2020

Considered to be a stopover destination for many years, Doha is now ready for its close-up. Serious investments have transformed the burgeoning capital of Qatar into a fabulously atmospheric metropolis.

Wondering what to see and do in this futuristic city in the making?

Arriving in the future 

Whether it’s your first time to visit Doha or you’re traveling through on business, chances are, you’ll arrive at the gleaming, ultramodern Hamad International Airport. Named 2019’s best airport in the world by AirHelp’s global airport ranking, Hamad International Airport (HIA) is a sight to behold.

Opened in 2014, the airport is home to Qatar Airways, considered by many to be one of the best airlines in the world.

Convenience-focused business travelers or those on a short stopover will do well to book a room at Premier Inn Doha Airport. This wallet-friendly hotel is just a short jaunt away from the city’s many major attractions.

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What to see

Doha’s relatively small size makes it easy to introduce yourself to the city.

The corniche is the perfect way to experience much of Doha’s metropolitan atmosphere.

The seven-kilometer pedestrianized public space is one of the best places to view Doha’s stunning skyline. The horseshoe-shaped corniche is also where you can catch glimpses of Doha’s newest pastime: kite flying.

While at the waterfront promenade, make full use of the corniche by making a stop at both the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar.

The iconic Museum of Islamic Art hosts a treasure trove of Islamic art. The I.M. Pei-designed museum exhibits Islamic art from three continents, making it the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. The collection of Islamic masterpieces is spread over three floors, making this museum an attraction not to be missed.

A short walk from the Museum of Islamic Art is another innovative exhibit, the National Museum of Qatar. Recently opened in 2019, this museum celebrates the unique story of Qatar, displaying the country’s rich cultural history.

Alongside Doha’s cultural institutions is Souq Waqif. Translated as “standing market,” this century-old shopping landmark is a local treasure trove, transporting travelers to old Arabia. Wander through each narrow alleyway for packable, authentic souvenirs like pashminas, teas, and mounds of spices.

To make it easier to explore the sights, Premier Inn offers travelers a free shuttle service. The shuttle loops through many of the city’s landmark cultural icons, making it easy to squeeze in all the sights.

Unforgettable adventures

If outdoor pursuits are more your speed, a plethora of adrenaline-pumping thrills await.

The tranquil and barren desert environment makes for the perfect playground. From exhilarating dune drives to a traditional Bedouin camping experience, exploring the untouched dunes outside of Doha is also a must.

For a different authentic experience, take a dhow cruise across Doha Bay.

Once used for fishing and pearl diving, riding these traditional wooden-sailing boats is now a leisurely way to take in Doha’s skyline. There are also more hands-on water sports to try, such as paddle boarding across the bay.

A taste of Qatar

Qatar’s culinary scene is heavily influenced by many neighboring regions. From Africa and India to the Mediterranean, each has had a hand in shaping Qatar’s traditional cuisine.

One of the most popular Qatari dishes one needs to try when visiting Doha is machboos. Often called kabsa, machboos is a delectably spiced dish that consists of three parts: rice, meat (chicken, lamb, camel, goat, etc.), and vegetables.

Dates are also a regional favorite. Dates are hugely popular in Qatar, so much so that every year, Doha hosts a Local Dates Festival. This 12-day exhibition showcases many varieties of dates, from the Khalas, Khanizi, Shishi and Barhi, among others. The 2019 event attracted over 3,500 visitors on just its first day.

Other notable Qatari sweets to try include qatayef (a sort of sweet fried pastry stuffed with cream or nuts), luqaimat (a “bite-sized” sweet dumpling), and mahalabia (a Middle Eastern milk pudding).

Additionally, after a day of mixing business with pleasure, head back to Premier Inn Doha Airport hotel to experience the authentic taste of Arabia in our signature Omnia dining restaurant.

Ready to check in?

Combining style, comfort, and great value, Premier Inn Doha Airport is the latest property under the Premier Inn brand to open in Doha. Centrally located in Doha and just 10 minutes away from the airport, our hotel makes it easy for guests to immediately start exploring the city as soon as they arrive.

Fall back on to our super comfy Hypnos beds, guaranteeing a good night's sleep, so you can wake up wonderful. You can stay connected with family and friends too by making use of the free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

For business travelers, Premier Inn Doha Airport features a spacious meeting room, 24-hour business center and business lunch options at Omnia.

Book your stay at Premier Inn Doha Airport.