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How the savvy business traveler excels in life on the go

07 Apr 2019

Traveling frequently for business can feel like you’re living out of a suitcase, always on the move, and constantly adjusting to different time zones. Be a savvy business traveler and learn how to make every overseas trip run as smoothly as possible. How? By following these essential travel hacks that cover everything from booking flights and packing your suitcase through to being prepared for every emergency.

Download airline and hotel apps

Be prepared and download the apps for your airline and hotel group so that you can check-in on the move, store your boarding pass on your phone, and save time when you arrive at the hotel.

Stay loyal to your airline and hotel

Book with the same airline, hotel group and car rental company for every trip. You’ll reap the benefits of staying with the same company as you will be able to accumulate reward points. This can earn you room and flight upgrades, access to club lounges, discounted room rates and flights, and other privileges. The kind of privileges you will find when checking into a Premier Inn Hotel. Become a Premier Inn Member and get up to 12% off your stay plus early check in and late check out (subject to availability).

Always book direct flights

While it may be cheaper to book a connecting flight, you will pay the price by wasting time in airport transfer lounges and increasing the chances of your luggage getting lost. Also, if your first flight is delayed or canceled, your entire trip could be compromised.

Invest in quality luggage with wheels

It’s worth paying more for luggage that will help you to worry less about how to pack and move throughout the airport. Quality, four-wheeled luggage is durable, easy to transport, and has been designed for the business traveler in mind with features such as internal hangar, locking system and separate compartments.

Pack wrinkle-free, co-ordinating clothes

Plan your business wardrobe and pack outfits and shoes in neutral colors that can mix and match; avoid patterned and brightly-colored outfits. Also, leave linen and other easy-to-crease clothes at home to avoid having to iron everything once you unpack in the hotel room.

Roll your clothes

Don’t fold your clothes. If you roll them instead, you can keep the creases out of them and typically fit more into your suitcase.

Wear comfortable layers while traveling

Avoid ruining your expensive suit in a cramped aircraft seat by wearing something casual and comfortable. Also, if you are traveling between different climates, wear layers so that you can put on a jacket if you land on a cold, windy runway or remove a jumper if you arrive to a heatwave.

Invest in a portable luggage scale

Avoid the annoyance of arriving at the check-in desk to find out that your baggage exceeds the airline’s limit. Save yourself the hassle of having to discard some items or the cost of having to pay excess baggage fees by carrying a portable luggage scale with you on your travels.

Book an airport hotel

Airport hotels such as the Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel and Premier Inn Dubai International Airport Hotel offer the convenience of being just a short taxi ride away from one of the Middle East’s leading airports. Whilst Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International airport is connected to the airport terminal via the SkyPark Plaza, there is a  24-hour, free shuttle service to and from Premier Inn Dubai International Airport and Dubai Al Jaddaf. It takes you door-to-door in comfort and on time, as well as offering services to assist with check-in and baggage delivery and collection.

Keep electronics fully-charged

Always charge your mobile phone, laptop and tablet before arriving at check-in; pack a portable charger or battery back-up in your hand luggage for emergencies. You can then take advantage of the charging stations that can be located on the aircraft and on airport lounges.

Clearly mark your luggage

The majority of cases going through an airport are black or dark-coloured. So, label all your bags and add a colourful strap, sticker or ribbon to it so that it’s easy to spot on the baggage claim carousel or to find in a rush in the overhead lockers.

Store personal info on your phone

Keep a back-up file of your passport, ID, driving licence and credit card information. Then, if your wallet or passport is lost or stolen, you’ll have everything you need to keep you on the move at the touch of a button.

Move through airport security quickly

Save time at airport security by wearing shoes that can be easily removed, don’t wear a belt or other large metal items, remove your coat/jacket, keep your laptop at the top of your hand luggage so that it can be easily removed. Also, don’t pack any large bottles of lotion or liquids with you.

Fly in comfort

Use Seat Guru to help you find the best seat on each airplane; it will show you which seats are the most comfortable for every aircraft operated by every airline.

Don’t forget to pack…

Pack eye drops to prevent you from turning up at a business meeting with tell-tale bloodshot eyes after a long flight. Take hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes to help protect you from ‘new’ germs in a foreign country. And have a stash of snacks including granola bars, dried fruits and other healthy bites to eat on the go