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How to Plan the Perfect Winter Break Staycation in the UAE

09 Dec 2019

Fast and furious or cool and carefree?

Whether you choose hot and happening activities or simply want to savour the wonders of winter, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a magnificent region that has a lot to offer its visitors. From skyrocketing towers to majestic mosques, adrenaline-pumping events to serene strolls, and everything in between, the UAE is certainly a place where you can enjoy the perfect staycation.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter

Winter in the UAE is one of the coolest times to roam around and check out places that may be too hot to visit during the summer. Add to that the slew of attractive hotel deals and you will see locals and tourists alike flocking into the UAE and taking advantage of these fantastic offers. In Abu Dhabi alone, hotel occupancy rates have increased by 71% this year, with 3.8 million hotel guests recorded until the third quarter of 2019.

High-calibre events also happen around this time, such as the much anticipated season ender of the Formula 1™ races. The city is also expecting a rise in visitor numbers as December trickles in with National Day Celebrations, winterfests, and world-class events such as the Mubadala World Tennis Championships. Of course, there are people who also travel to neighbouring emirates to experience the festive holiday season and spectacular New Year celebrations.  

Before you pack your bags and head on to another emirate (or maybe even just down the road), here are some helpful tips for planning the perfect winter break staycation in the UAE:

1.     Create the all-important lists. 

The first step to having a wonderful winter staycation is to plan well. Make a list of the things that you absolutely want to do, places that you want to visit, and local dishes that you want to try out.

Do your research online, ask trusted friends or family for recommendations, or read traveller reviews. It is best to be ready with all the basic information so you can avoid inconveniences as much as possible.

Also, include in your list all the travel ##s that you need to bring. Citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries do not need a visa to travel around the UAE. Tourists from other countries will need to check if they need a Transit, Tourist, or Visit Visa before going to the UAE.

Another important item on your checklist is to pack medications or other health-related items. While there are a lot of pharmacies, and hospitals are easily accessible, it is best that you bring your own medicines, especially if these are pre##ion medications. Additionally, UAE federal law and Abu Dhabi government law also require all visitors to have medical insurance cover. Make sure to take care of these well in advance.

2. Make all the necessary transportation arrangements.

Make sure that you also book transportation ahead of time. Whether you want to fly, sail, or drive to any point in the UAE, you have to ensure that you book early. This will help you get the best seats and rates as well as ensure that you travel on the specific dates that you want.

Since there is an expected influx of visitors from all over the world around wintertime, it would do you well to reserve tickets or your preferred rental vehicle ahead of time. If you’re driving, make sure to give allowances for pit stops or possible traffic congestions along the road. A handy travel kit will also make a world of difference, especially when driving long distances.

3. Prepare what to wear.

You also have to consider the weather conditions in the place that you will be visiting. Winter in the UAE can give you an average temperature of about 24°C and that can drop to an average of 13°C when the sun goes down. Expect a little bit of rain as well.

With this in mind, bring appropriate clothing that will allow you to move comfortably. Layering may be key so it will be easier to adjust your outfits to current weather conditions. Bring a scarf or a light sweater and pack a foldable umbrella if you can. Include comfy footwear for all the possible walking and exploring that you may want to do.

It is also best to dress modestly. Feel free to wear your most fabulous holiday ensemble for those hotel parties, but avoid outfits that are too revealing or skintight. This will demonstrate that your observe and respect local customs and modes of dress.

4. Find a top-notch hotel.

One of the most important things that you should do when planning your winter staycation is to book an excellent hotel. Staying in one of the best hotels in the UAE will ensure that you have a perfect home away from home.

With all the wandering around that you’ll be doing, it would be best to book a hotel that will guarantee a good night’s rest. Sleeping in an ultra-comfortable bed with a choice of soft or hard pillows can definitely help you recharge for another exciting day ahead. Waking up to a hearty breakfast and being surrounded by all-around warm and welcoming hospitality will also add to the total enjoyment of your stay.

Don’t forget to check out the hotel amenities and facilities as well.  You may not need  to venture far  to have an absolutely magnificent time. You can lounge in their cool pools, work out in the gym, or surf the net with unlimited Wi-Fi access while snuggling under a toasty duvet. In addition, you can feast on delectable dishes in the in-house restaurants, meet up with friends at the lounge, or even have your cares massaged away in the hotel spa.

Make sure to book directly with the hotel of your choice so you can take advantage of exclusive offers such as guaranteed best rates, 2-for-1 deals on meals and attractions, or special discounts on rooms and services. Depending on availability, some hotels also offer you the choice of getting an early check-in or a late check-out.

A Premier Experience

When you want to have a jolly good time on your winter break, it is always a good idea to plan well. This includes organizing your travel plans, booking early for your transportation and accommodation needs, and packing the essentials, be it clothing, travel ##s, or medication.

Most of all, make sure to bring loads of positivity and tons of good cheer with you. This will serve you well, especially when the unexpected happens. Know that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry, and when it does, it is up to you to handle it well. Try to enjoy every moment of your staycation so the memories can keep you warm and joyful as you look back on these in the future.

Get in touch with us at Premier Inn for a winter staycation in the UAE that you will truly enjoy.