Sleep Sounds

12 Aug 2020


Is the sound of silence keeping you awake? To ease you gently into a good night’s sleep, we’ve curated our favourite sleep sounds on Spotify. Whether you need some white noise, or a gentle piano melody to help you drift off, click and play our favourites below.

If you’re staying with us, scan our Spotify code in your room to listen to our Sleep Sounds playlists on your device.

White Noise

Not into classical tunes, or a melodic soundtrack to your dreams? Tune in to white noise, pink noise or even brown noise to help you sleep. Whilst you may be familiar with white noise, pink noise could be new to you. It’s similar to white noise, but decreases the intensity as the frequency increases making it more soothing with more bass. Or even try brown noise, which lowers the high frequencies even more and could be the most soothing of them all.

Classical Tunes

Remove the lyrics and send yourself to sleep to the gentle sounds of a classical tune. Maybe your favourite pop songs, but without those tricky words to get your head around, or a more traditional symphony to calm your mind. Try our Melodic Sleep Sounds playlist tonight.

Sounds of Nature

If it's all a bit too quiet, and you need a natural remedy for sleep, tune in to our Nature Sleep Sounds collection. From babbling brooks, to crashing waves or a walk through the jungle before bed time, just plug in and play!

Switch-off Your Screen

If you just need to rest your eyes, and reduce your screen time, plug in to a podcast. TED Talks Daily issues thought provoking ideas each day, on every topic imaginable. Give yourself space in the day to switch off your screen, and learn something new.

If you want to calm a mind racing with thoughts, connect to Sleep With Me. Set to lull you to sleep with droning, boring bedtime stories, you’ll be sleeping in dreamland in no time at all!

We are so confident you will have a great night's sleep that if you don’t, we'll give you your money back. Just speak to one of our friendly reception team. This is the Premier Inn Good Night Guarantee.

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