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Top 30 Tips for Business Travellers

07 Mar 2019

Traveling for business? Here’s a round-up of business travel tips to help you make the most out of your trip – and stay organised, relaxed, stress-free and ready to work.

Business trips can be a lot to manage. From booking flights and hotels to finding your way around a foreign country, it can be a stressful time if you’re not organised and well prepared before take-off.  We’ve rounded up some top tips and practical ideas to help you prepare for your next business trip, travel more efficiently, and focus all your attention on work.

Be prepared

  1. Check the validity of your passport and visa requirements well-ahead of flying and give yourself plenty of time to apply for any visas.
  2. Protect yourself with a good travel insurance policy that covers you for health, lost baggage missed flight and delays; an annual policy for worldwide cover is the best option.
  3. Charge all electrical items fully before leaving home or the office.
  4. Always pack enough business cards for your meetings.
  5. Invest in a high-quality suitcase and a laptop bag that are lightweight, durable, padded and easy to carry and/or pull along.
  6. Create your own master packing list for every business trip, which can list all the essential items you’ll need, such as chargers, travel adaptors and a small amount of local currency.
  7. Travel light as the fewer items you carry, the quicker and easier it is to pass through security; plan your outfits and coordinate suits and dresses to keep pairs of shoes to a minimum.
  8. Don’t let the wi-fi let you down; pack a portable wireless device to save yourself the hassle of searching for a decent connection or getting a local SIM card. 
  9. Enjoy some downtime on the flight; pack a Kindle or pre-download a TV series onto your iPad to keep you entertained in the airport and on long journeys.
  10. Expect the unexpected, and pack items such as spare change of clothes, shower bag and toothbrush in your hand luggage in case of a delayed flight, lost baggage etc.
  11. Print your business trip itinerary, including all confirmation numbers, just in case you lose your phone or laptop.
  12. If you have a long flight or travel time, set your out of office reminder to let clients know that your reply to their emails may be delayed.
  13. Try and book non-stop flights as layovers can add several precious hours onto your journey time.
  14. Download handy and easy to use travel apps for currency, expenses, hotels, flights, travel guides, and restaurants, which are a perfect sidekick for a stress-free business trip.

Ready to fly

15. Sign up to frequent flyer and loyalty programmes and collect points every time you fly and stay in a hotel – you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work and may even be upgraded! Check out Premier Inn Member Rates to save up to 12% on your stay, and request an early check-in from 9.00am (subject to availability).

16. Check in online and print or download your boarding pass before leaving for the airport to avoid having to queue.

17. Dress comfortably for your flight; there are showers at the airport, so you can freshen up and change once you’ve landed if you must head straight to a meeting.

18. Avoid a long unnecessary wait at the airport by downloading a handy flight-tracking app such as FlightView.

19. Drink plenty of water on the flight to ensure that you arrive hydrated and refreshed – especially if you need to meet clients straight off the plane.

20. If you’re traveling long-haul to a different time zone, try to sleep in the night time of that zone before your take-off.

21. Pack a headrest, eye mask and/or headphones, which can help you to relax in the airport and on the plane.


22. Book an airport hotel, such as Premier Inn, and avoid the last-minute dash to the airport or the stress of traveling through rush-hour traffic to reach check-in.

23. Save time and enjoy the convenience of a delivery service like DUBZ. DUBZ Deliver to Airport and Pick-up from Airport service allows you to head straight to your meeting or the hotel, while they collect your baggage from the belt, clears customs, and deliver it directly to your room. (Available at Dubai International Airport)

24. Save even more time with DUBZ Home Check-In by checking in your baggage and getting your boarding pass from your hotel reception desk.

At the airport

25. Check into an airport lounge and escape to a quiet, well-equipped oasis inside the airport where you can relax, eat or catch up with work, before or after your flight. Sign up to LoungeBuddy and you can view, book and purchase access to airport lounges worldwide in just a few seconds.

26. Use an airport’s Meet & Greet service, such as Marhaba in the UAE, for speedy clearance through arrivals or departures and assistance with transfers and baggage.

During your trip

27. Download Uber, Careem or a similar taxi app, which let you find the closest driver to your location, type in your destination address and make payment using a secure account.

28. Look for restaurants serving a business lunch menu for an affordable and speedy meal that you can fit in between meetings.

29. Make a positive impression on your clients; know the local laws and customs, and research local greetings, business etiquette, dos and don’ts, and some basic terms and phrases.

30. However busy your schedule is, find time to work up a sweat in the gym or enjoy a breath of fresh air on a short walk; this will help to keep your mind clear and stay focused.