image of group of people skydiving in dubai
image of group of people skydiving in dubai
image of group of people skydiving in dubai
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Top 5 Adventures in Dubai to tick of your bucket list

18 Feb 2018

image of group of people skydiving in dubai

With a host of astonishing attractions, such as the glittering fusion of art and engineering of the Burj Khalifa and the white-sanded slice of paradise of Jumeirah Beach, it’s no wonder that over 14 million visitors flock to Dubai each year. However, there’s much more to this exciting Emirate than futuristic architecture, beautiful beaches and world-class shopping. If you like your holidays a little out of the ordinary and with a judicious shot of adrenaline involved, here are five adventures in Dubai to tick off your Bucket List.

1) Hot Air Ballooning

If you like the idea of doing something exciting, but would like the time to soak up the scenery at the same time, why not consider a tranquil trip in a hot air balloon? Balloon Adventures Dubai offers the chance to float a kilometre above the Earth, gazing at the 360° panorama, which takes in the breath-taking desert and the imposing Hajar Mountains. During your airborne hour, you might see herds of oryx, gazelle, and even camels wandering through the untouched dunes, before your pilot lands you at an authentic Bedouin camp, for a bite to eat. Don’t forget to pack your camera; it’s virtually impossible to take anything but a fantastic photo from a hot air balloon!

2) Skydiving

If you’re looking a rush like no other, then booking a spot with Skydive Dubai is guaranteed to get your heart pounding. While other people might consider a splash in the ocean the best way to clear their heads, you could be climbing to an altitude of around 4,000 metres, ready to step out and enjoy the view. Among freefalling circles Dubai is considered to be one of the world’s most spectacular drop-zones, and seeing this sleek city from a bird’s-eye perspective is an unforgettable experience. However, if you’d rather plummet towards something more natural, Skydive Dubai also offers skydiving sessions to its second drop-zone, located in the desert, just under 40km from the city. With expert instructors, all the necessary equipment on hand, and footage of your jump included, this is an adventure worth seeking out.

3) Sand Boarding

Once upon a time, boards were meant only for the sea or snow. However, if you fancy all the fun of surfing or snowboarding, but without the freezing temperatures or getting wet, Sand Boarding ought to be on your Bucket List. Red Dunes Dubai offer the chance to speed down some of Dubai’s famous crimson dunes, with no compromise on speed! The dunes vary in height from ‘beginner slopes’, which start around five feet, to looming towers of sand that stand at around 40 feet high. With more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride, this is a fantastic way to combine sport and sightseeing.

After you’ve raised your heart-rate and your adrenaline levels have peaked, you’ll need somewhere quiet and comfortable in which to unwind. Premier Inn has four, plush hotels in Dubai, each equipped with everything you could need to relax. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal in your room, enjoy an indulgent massage in a spa or wind down in a gym, you’ll find our hotels and staff ready and waiting for you at the end of a day filled with adventure.

image of group of people skydiving in dubai

4) Dune Bashing

If you’re more of a petrol-head than a hot-air-head, then Dune Bashing should tick all the boxes. At the wheel of a sturdy four-wheel-drive, you can embark on a six-hour-tour of Dubai’s red desert, just outside the city. With all that horsepower at your control, you can roar over pristine sand dunes and thunder through one of the most spectacular wildernesses on Earth. However, this is more than just a speedy sightseeing opportunity: on your trip, you’ll head to a Bedouin camp to enjoy an authentic evening meal, take a camel ride, and immerse yourself in some traditional entertainment.

5) Zip Lining

For sheer exhilaration, why not consider zip lining across this spectacular city? A combination of speed, height and an outstanding panorama, X Line has upped the ante with its new zip line course. Where the last line took thrill-seekers over Downtown Dubai, this new venture sees them hurtling over Dubai Marina and, with the facility for two to ride together, it’s double the fun! Attached securely to a 1km-long zipline and standing atop a 170-metre-high launch platform, things get fast and furious from the moment you step off the edge. Going from 0 to 60kph in just 2.5 seconds, this is tailor-made for serious adrenaline lovers.