Top things to do in Doha

31 Jan 2018

From the ancient to the modern, Doha happily mixes up its history and culture with an ultra-modern landscape that’s constantly changing. This makes it an eclectic and fascinating destination, with some genuinely unique attractions that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s our pick of the top things to do in Doha, and some advice on where to stay so you’re right in the thick of the action.

Al Koot Fort Museum

This imposing fort was built in 1880 not as a military installation, but as a police station and jail. Today, the only things locked up here are the treasures in the museum, which give you a real insight into the history of the region. You’ll also be able to pick up some unusual souvenirs and gifts, as the fort is also home to artisans and craftspeople making some truly exquisite artefacts.

The Museum of Islamic Art

This is such an important collection that it’s been given a purpose-built home on its very own island. The building is as important as the astonishing exhibitions and displays it houses, taking you on a journey through the very best in Islamic art from both the Emirates and all around the world. Admission is free, while special temporary exhibitions may charge a small entry fee. If you prefer contemporary art then head to Mathaf: The Arab Museum of Modern Art. Here you’ll discover how Islamic art is developing and changing in the 21st century, and see exhibitions of some of the leading Arabic artists in the world today.

Head underground

While most of the city’s attractions are above ground, there’s some fascinating spots underground too. The region is dotted with caves, and just north of Salwa Road you’ll find Dhal Al Misfir, a 40m-deep cave filled with gypsum crystals. The effect is almost magical, and it’s an unusual and memorable attraction.

Souq Waqif

This is the biggest and best traditional souq in Doha (if you prefer modern malls then there are plenty to choose from). It’s also home to the Falcon Souq, where you will find everything to do with these magnificent birds under one roof – including the falcons themselves. Watch the birds being exercised in the outdoor courtyard, and find out more about the ancient sport of falconry.

The Corniche

This sweeping, beachfront area is the heart of the city, and along its route you’ll find tranquil parks and plenty of cafés, spots to simply chill out and relax, and soft sand lapped by clear blue water. It’s particularly popular in the evening, and the perfect spot for a stroll after a visit to one of Doha’s excellent restaurants. Don’t miss a photo opportunity at the end of the Corniche, where you’ll find the city’s Pearl Monument – a stunning representation of a giant pearl that’s a nod to the city’s origins as a pearl diving village.

The Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

With its 99 domes and exquisite ornate decorations, the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque is a welcoming and tranquil spot. Bear in mind that it is a religious location, so it’s important to dress accordingly and only take photos in designated areas.

Where to stay

With so much to see and do in Doha, it’s important to pick the right hotel that puts you right in the heart of the action. Fortunately, Premier Inn has you covered, with our Doha Education City Hotel. Comfortable, affordable, and very family-friendly, you’re just minutes away from great shopping, entertainment, and attractions in the middle of the city. With excellent parking and transport links, you can explore further afield in comfort, before heading back to the hotel and unwinding in the swimming pool, gym, or Jacuzzi.

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