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Top Tips for travelling with a family

30 Jul 2018

Heading off on holiday with the kids? At Premier Inn, we know how challenging travelling with the whole tribe in tow can be, so we’ve put together some simple tips to help you take the stress out of travelling with the family.

Don’t rush

Anything that involves kids takes longer than you expect. Make all your travel preparations earlier rather than later, as leaving things to the last minute will leave you frazzled and stressed. Remember that little ones in particular don’t understand the concept of time or urgency, so if you give yourself more time, you’re less likely to lose your cool.

Book ahead

Turning up at a hotel on the spur of the moment only to find there’s no rooms available (and with little ones in tow) is the worst-case scenario for any family travels. At Premier Inn, we not only give you the chance to book well in advance, but you’ll also get special deals too. Booking ahead is a win-win for travelling with the family; you avoid being left out in the cold and you could save money too.

Check what weather you can expect

Tots don’t like it too hot or too cold, so check well ahead to see when the best time of the year to travel will be. If you’re travelling in the summer then make sure your hotel has air conditioning, and preferably a pool to cool off in when the temperature starts to climb. Rainy days happen, so have a few indoor activities planned just in case the heavens open to avoid being stuck in your hotel room all day.

Pack some entertainment

From a tablet loaded with apps and games, to a colouring book and crayons, it’s easy to pack plenty of entertainment without taking up too much space – essential if you’re flying to your destination. Once you arrive, many hotels will offer kid’s clubs and entertainment to keep the little ones happy while you grab some personal time, but make sure to bring your own entertainment for the journey. 

Pack a basic Kids first aid kit

Holidays and tummy bugs go hand in hand, so put together a simple first aid kit specially designed for the kids that includes everything from insect repellent, a thermometer, antiseptic wipes, to plasters. 

Don’t forget a high-factor sun cream

Kid’s skin is incredibly delicate and burns easily. Make sure you pack plenty of kid’s sun cream (preferably a water resistant one so it doesn’t wash off the minute they dive into a pool), a sun hat, and sunglasses to protect their eyes. 

Don’t let the kids pack their own bag!

Unless you want to share your holiday with five teddies, a bag full of Lego, and several pet rocks from the garden, make sure you’re right there when your child packs their holiday bag! 

Make sure you have some time for yourself

Travelling with the family is a wonderful experience, but do make sure you have a little time for yourselves. At Premier Inn, we can organise a baby-sitting service so that you can enjoy an evening out together while we look after the kids for you. After all, a family holiday should be special for everyone.