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Top tips to choose the best affordable hotel

01 Nov 2017

Hotels range from budget-friendly B&Bs through to seven-star super-hotels filled with gold leaf and extravagance. If your wallet won’t quite stretch to a personal Jacuzzi and a penthouse suite, there are ways to travel on a budget, but without missing out on the little luxuries.

Affordable hotels offer good quality, clean, comfortable accommodation with those extras that make a stay memorable for all the right reasons. So how do you keep the budget under control? Here are our top tips on choosing the best affordable hotel.

Booking ahead, or last-minute deals?

It seems common sense that the earlier you book, the better the deal. You can, however, sometimes find a better deal by booking last-minute, especially during those tricky end-of-season periods when hotels are looking to keep their room occupancy levels up.

Share a room

It’s nice to have your own personal space, but if the hotel has twin rooms available and you don’t mind sharing with a friend, that can be a great way to keep down the cost for both of you. Family rooms are often regarded as premium due to the high demand and low availability, so if you have older children who don’t mind sharing a room, book a double for mum and dad, and a twin for the kids. It may actually work out cheaper than a family room.

Ask if there’s a discount if you sign up to a loyalty or reward scheme

Many hotels offer a loyalty or reward scheme that you can sign up to, especially if they have outlets around the world. Signing up to these could save you a lot of money, as well as giving you access to special offers that are exclusive to loyalty card members.

Bed only or all-inclusive?

The cost of your meals can quickly add up, so as strange as it may seem, choosing an all-inclusive option can often be the cheapest option.

Go for the big names

Smaller hotels may give you that boutique feel, but if you’re looking for simple yet stylish accommodation, choose one of the better-known hotels like Premier Inn. We cater for hundreds of thousands of people every year, without feeling too ‘corporate’. You’ll also have more facilities to choose from, and a much wider selection of rooms.

Book in off-season

Peak season sends prices soaring, so if you can, book your travel arrangements during the off-season. If you’re staying in a large hotel, you’ll still have access to all the usual facilities, but prices will be lower as hotels strive to keep occupancy rates up. You may even get lucky and find yourself upgraded to a better room at no extra cost.

Keep an eye out for those additional extras

Before you open the mini-bar and pop that tin of macadamia nuts, double check just how much they’ll cost you. Additional room extras such as mini-bars, room service, wake-up calls, or valet parking, can all add up. Prices should be listed on the hotel’s website, so grab a calculator and do some quick sums to make sure you’re not paying more than you should be for your stay.