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Travelling to Dubai during Ramadan – what you need to know

18 Apr 2018

Dubai offers a warm and friendly welcome all year round, whether you’re travelling here for business or pleasure. Innovative architecture and ultra-modern city life sits comfortably alongside the more traditional elements of the region, providing visitors with a fascinating blend of ancient and modern.

Dubai is a very spiritual place too, and during the month of Ramadan the city embraces this most important of Muslim celebrations. For approximately 30 days, those who follow the faith of Islam fast and spend time in reflection. It’s a time when faith takes precedence over the more everyday aspects of life. Ramadan is an uplifting and positive experience, even if you don’t follow the Islamic faith. Travelling to Dubai during this time of year gives you a unique chance to discover more about the culture and beliefs of the region.

Yes, you can eat!

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to eat and drink during daylight hours. While many cafés and restaurants may be closed until the sun sets, major hotels such as Premier Inn do offer regular daytime meals for those who want them. If you’re not sure then ask for help. Your hosts will be only too pleased to provide you with advice and information on what’s acceptable. To be sure, why not give your hotel a quick call before you set off so you know exactly what facilities are on offer?

Business as usual

If you’re travelling to Dubai for business then you’ll find that the working day carries on pretty much as normal during Ramadan, with just a few interruptions for daily prayers and devotions. You may find that working hours shift either to earlier in the morning, but don’t worry, Dubai is very much open for business during Ramadan!

Check out the attractions

While some attractions such as cinemas may be closed during the day, there are still plenty of exhibitions, galleries and museums to explore. Throughout Dubai you may also find special exhibitions that celebrate Ramadan, giving you more of a cultural insight into the life of the region. In fact, you may even get to see exhibitions and displays you wouldn’t normally get the chance to at any other time of the year. Why not wait until the sun goes down and check out the sights and sounds of the Ramadan Night Market?

Iftar – the end of the day

As soon as the sun sets and after evening prayers, Muslim families and friends gather together for one of the most delicious buffets you’ll ever experience! Iftar is the breaking of the day’s fast, and a great chance to try some local delicacies from all over the region. With dishes on offer from all over the region, Iftar is the chance to tuck into some of the world’s best food, in true Middle Eastern style!

Don’t worry if you miss Iftar, because there’s another chance to enjoy a pre-dawn feast before the next day’s fasting starts. Suhoor is served early (usually between 1am and 4am), so why not try something different from the usual toast and coffee for your breakfast?

Staying in Dubai during Ramadan

There are plenty of places to stay in Dubai during Ramadan, although bear in mind that it is a time when families and friends travel back to Dubai from all around the world. If you want to experience Dubai during Ramadan then book your room at Premier Inn early. Enjoy some superb Iftar or Suhoor food, created by passionate and talented chefs, relax in the pool at the end of the day and watch the sun set, or sink into a soft Hypnos bed after an evening stroll through the Ramadan Night Market. No matter when you travel to Dubai, you’re certain of a warm and friendly welcome.