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Premier Inn wins Gold Employee Happiness Award for Best Employee Driven Business Change

Premier Inn Middle East has been awarded the Gold Employee Happiness Award for Best Employee Driven Business Change at the Employee Happiness Awards 2024. 

The company has been recognised for its One Pulse Employee Survey, a tool that has driven transformational business changes by leveraging team member feedback.

Premier Inn’s One Pulse Survey is a cornerstone of its comprehensive team member engagement strategy. The organisation empowers team members to provide extensive feedback through a bi-annual survey, focusing on key pillars such as happiness, satisfaction, motivation, and leadership. Initiatives selected based on survey feedback have significantly enhanced team engagement, improved the work environment, and contributed to delivering outstanding customer service.


One Pulse Survey has initiated numerous transformative projects at Premier Inn, with the most significant change being the adoption of 100% environmentally friendly R-PET water bottles supporting the company’s sustainability program, Force for Good. Other impactful actions include upgrading WiFi speed in company accommodations to improve communication, establishing the Foodsters committee to enhance food satisfaction, organising consistent team-building activities and recognition days, and introducing specialized health and wellness programs, including mental health support.


Simon Leigh, Managing Director, Premier Inn Middle East: “Winning the Employee Happiness Award for Best Employee-Driven Business Change is a fantastic achievement. It highlights the unwavering commitment of our People and Culture team, under the exemplary leadership of Kathy Sorenson, in making Premier Inn a great place to work. 


“The One Pulse Survey initiative has launched many projects that have made substantial changes in the lives of our team members and the development of our business. It truly embodies what makes Premier Inn One Team, One Heartbeat. Premier Inn's One Pulse Survey is not just a feedback tool but a catalyst for positive change and continuous improvement, helping us trade brilliantly throughout our organisation.”
Employee Happiness Awards (EHA) is a platform that celebrates inspiring employee happiness stories. Launched by Plan3Media, which is known to conduct transparent awards ceremonies where companies purely win on merit, EHA is an initiative to recognise the top UAE companies, that truly care for the happiness of their employees.

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