Good night, sleep tight, sleep right

We understand how important sleep is, especially when you have an important meeting in the morning or you need to be fully energised to maximise your fun at the theme park, so at all of our Premier Inn hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha we’ve thought of everything you need to have a great night’s sleep.

In-Room Amenities

From super comfy beds, to room darkening black-out curtains, discover what’s inside your room to help you drift into a good night’s sleep.

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Sleep Sounds

We’ve curated our favourite music playlists, audiobooks and podcasts to provide the soundtrack to your sleep. Just click or scan to play on your device.

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Eat your way to Sleep

Hungry? Thirsty? If you’re craving a midnight snack, we’ve picked out the dishes and drinks that will satisfy your taste buds without disturbing your sleep.

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Mylo the Monkey

Snuggle up for a good night’s sleep with Mylo, our soft and cuddly monkey supporting World Vision. Available to purchase at Reception.

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Sleep Right

Struggling to fall asleep? Our tips and tricks for exercise and relaxation before bed will ensure you’re in a sweet slumber in no time at all!

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Good Night Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll have a good night’s sleep with us, but if you have a problem just chat to one of our friendly team members to put it right.

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