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Premier Inn steps up sustainability drive in new partnership with Dulsco Environment

05 Jun 2023

Premier Inn Middle East is stepping up its sustainability drive and reinforcing its commitment to supporting government green goals by appointing Dulsco Environment as its new waste management services provider.

Announced on World Environment Day (5 June), the contract covers Premier Inn-owned properties in Dubai, with new technology, training and targets in place to further reduce waste and promote recycling in line with government objectives.

Simon Leigh, Managing Director, Premier Inn Middle East, said: “Premier Inn is proud to contribute to the continued success and growth of Dubai’s hospitality and tourism sector – and to support government sustainability policies and objectives.  We are fully aligned with the Dubai Sustainable Tourism initiative which, in turn, supports the UAE Net Zero Strategy, and 100 per cent committed to making sustainability an even greater priority in all aspects of our operations.

“With 2023 the Year of Sustainability in the UAE, COP28 taking place in Dubai this winter and travellers increasingly demanding eco-friendly tourism and accommodation, sustainability is under the spotlight like never before.  Premier Inn is delighted to partner with Dulsco to take our waste management practices to new levels through an holistic approach that includes better waste segregation, tailored training for team members and regular audits to ensure targets are met and identify areas for improvement.”

John Grainger, Chief Operating Officer, Dulsco Environment, said: “As a pioneer in environmental solutions, Dulsco Environment champions new technology, spearheads innovation and creates tailor-made solutions for its customers in the UAE. We are proud that Premier Inn has chosen Dulsco as its waste management partner, and look forward to applying our trusted, unrivalled expertise to help the much-loved brand achieve its environmental goals. 

“With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we continue to deliver solutions that treat waste as a resource, divert waste away from landfill and achieve a circular economy. Thus, fulfilling our sustainability agenda and supporting UAE’s initiatives”

Premier Inn has also set up a new, dedicated ‘green group’ – comprising team members from all departments – to further drive sustainability initiatives in its operations and instil green thinking among team members and guests. The company already uses solar energy to generate hot water and water recycling systems at several properties, and is working towards becoming a plastic-free organisation in line with government policies.